Privacy Policy

Metal One Corporation respects the rights of the individual, and handles personal data appropriately in compliance with laws pertaining to the protection of personal privacy.

  1. We have personnel designated to protect personal data, and have established company rules to set up an administrative system.
  2. We provide advance notice to individuals regarding the purpose for collecting their personal data. The information will be used only within the necessary parameters, and be acquired and handled legally and appropriately.
  3. We have devised appropriate security administration measures to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration and disclosure of personal data.
  4. We will take the necessary measures in accordance with laws and regulations when providing personal data to third parties.
  5. We will respond as quickly as possible to requests or inquiries regarding the release, revision or suspension of the use of personal data.
  6. We will implement in-house training to inform all personnel about the proper handling of personal data and continually revise our administrative system.


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